Hands-On: The Zenith Defy Fusée Tourbillon Carbon

You could also be questioning, if the fusée is such a terrific problem-solver, why we solely appear to see them these days fairly not often, in watches costing tens and even lots of of hundreds of . The reply is that, simply because the tourbillon has, the fusée has largely been rendered out of date by advances in supplies science. Modern mainspring alloys exhibit far much less variation in torque over their energy reserves than the plain metal alloy mainsprings of the times of yore, simply as trendy mono-metallic balances exhibit little or no poise errors, in comparison with minimize, temperature-compensated steel-and-brass balances. And just like the tourbillon, it has the added drawback of taking on a substantial amount of room within the motion. This is already a problem even in pocket watches, and should you add to that the truth that an computerized watch worn day-after-day maintains a constant energy supply curve anyway, you’ll be able to see why the fusée is right now much less a major addition to efficiency, than an elaborate occasion trick.

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